Saturday, 29 November 2014

New Fragrances

New fragrances a dear friend got for us.

Mont Blanc Legend | Prada Candy Florale
I'm not sure if these are for our anniversary or our birthdays he missed but it's one of the sweetest gestures 'cause we seldom receive gifts these days. And they smell great! I wonder how do they both remind me of old times, our teenage years.. What are they putting in them?! LOL

Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme

Something I we got me, which also interestingly reminds us of our teenage, not juvenile but sweet and old when we weren't introduced to such variety of scents. (─‿‿─)

Interesting how my mind, or nose perhaps, is into reminiscence these days.. (◡‿◡✿)

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Friday, 28 November 2014


I know I'd said this too many times but life has been really busy. I'm glad I didn't get too full of myself and attempted the NaNoWriMo.

The last time I updated about my life was 3rd day of my my new job and 2nd day of a week-long revision. I did finish the revision and I'm proud to say I attended every single of it, even the Saturday 10-6 that makes one wonder why would they do this to themselves.

Unfortunately, I didn't had the time to do any self-revision after, so I feel pretty screwed. Anyway, here's 5 events/notes to share since then.

After 6 six full days of brain activity, we were supposed to have a fun family day held by hubby's union at USS on Sunday but it rained. Non-stop. I'm not one who cared for the rides but I'm not a fan of rain and crowds together.. just a lot of stinky people..

We settled at Vivocity before having dinner with his family. It's his brother and his birthday; they have the same birth day, 5 years apart.

For the past years, we'd been celebrating in advance, because on the actual day, we celebrate our wedding anniversary. 

I know, kinda sly of me on my endeavour to combine presents for 2 occasions but I do give him separate gifts when I could. Like last year. 😄

Anyway, the year's coming to its end.. The weather is chilly, the atmosphere's lazy and giving. Here's a picture to feel that holiday season's merriment..

My dear mobile kicked the bucket (again) so this page - and the others I'm updating are gonna make do with lousy pictures taken by my backup Samsung phone. No offence Note 3, but 20.7mps is a camera, not 13. I'm now having mixed feelings on getting the Note 4/Edge. I do prefer the Note's functions compared to Xperia's still much improvement needed ones.. But having such a good camera phone sort of covers all the flaws but now that it is its 3rd trip to A&E, I'm not sure. We are looking at an 1-for-1 exchange - I did have this phone for only a little over 6 months and I've never really dump it in water like the advert does. Now, where is that letter Willie said he was writing for me to Sony?

My lack of wardrobe functionality in the formal department due to the switch in working environment calls for a good shopping spree. It's not even formal that's needed, it's casual smart. I hate that phrase, it confuses me.

Anyway, I did one last week at where my MIL works and who also has a good eye for fashion and taste. Apparel shopping with your fashionable MIL would be more fun if you're not bigger (size) than her and everything makes you looked pregnant. I had to directly imply that I'm not.

And I didn't really picked any office wear.  LOL
Unless if this one counts.
I also love one top that says "Attitude". ^^

I wanted this to have a post by itself but I'm afraid I won't have time for it till mid Dec and may just eventually gave up on it.. so here's to my honey's birthday and our anniversary..

We didn't used to do this but I felt sorry that we occupied his birthday with our anniversary and he didn't really get to celebrate it and feel like a special birthday boy, I told him we could do it a day before. He insisted it's fine and it won't change the fact we're not celebrating his birthday on the actual day BUT he gets to decide on dinner.

He picked Manna Story~
I guess it's a win-win.

And we did so much shopping in the past month I had no idea what to get him any more. I went with the "Annual Renewal of the Matrimonial agreement" LOL.

He, however, got me some really pretty bag charms we found while walking off dinner.

Purple Piggy


After 2+ exhausting weeks, the inside is finally falling apart, and as I lay in bed now with flu medicine taking effect,  I no longer know what I'm saying. Nope. There's nothing I'd like to share about my new job as there's nothing politically correct and diplomatic ways to do so. So there, ta-ta.

Oh, Happy Thanksgiving! I thank you for (still) reading and following any of my pages. I DO know how boring I can get.
(Though I know y'all are more excited for Black Friday) ;)

p/s: if anyone's thinking I didn't do BellaBox for November because I was busy, nope, it was just disappointing.

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

5 Good Buys

I suppose?

Miracle worker lotion
My second? Or 3rd? Ever since I started Miracle, I'm staunched. 
It totally saved my peeling at a period when everywhere's dry air condition.
This is the oil-free I use as a day moisturizer, goes great under make-up, and not too heavy for humid Singapore.

Burt's Bee lip balm
I can never have enough fluid to have a non-peeling, juice lips but more than enough to keep peeing.

shu uemura calligraphy ink refill
Another product I swear by. The refill to the perfectest liquid eyeliner ever.

full of promise cream
This is my first using this but I've loved the series as much as miracle.
I'm sure I'll love this.

Mitju peep toes
I am really not sure why this is my first. 
These are not my best ever but these are the best in my current non-stop wave of feet woes.
I'm pretty sure I'm getting the membership. =P

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The Walker Fireside Chats
Hump Day

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Happy Hump Day!

I haven't pause for a breath since work started on Monday, and life goes on to almost midnight everyday.

But first, lemme take a selfie..

Day 1
I'm so early on my first day at work! Good sign! Not. My feet was already hurting me by this time. Bad choice on the shoes.
The day went late into the night as we have a BBQ arranged before I got the job. My in-law returns from Taiwan that same evening, so at least some quality catching-up.

Day 2
See those dark eye circles peeping through the makeup? I'm a panda already! And that day starts the week-long revision courses, all the way to Saturday. (T_T) And my favourite Melissa broke! Can I really really cry now? (ToT)

I guess I proved the steaming eye mask effective! I fell asleep with them on, and slept all the way, almost missing my alarm but my eyes looked much better eh?

It sounds like I had a horrible start but I actually feel blessed and really contented. My new office is quiet, my new superior is really considerate to let me learn the business properly instead of dumping stuff on me, and my new colleagues are patient with my endless (some silly) questions. There are lots of food around the area and most importantly, I can get to the office dry even without umbrella on a rainy day.

What blessed me most is me, having the capability to get myself a loving husband who

  • choose my #ootd for the next day, and hangs them up
  • pack my bag
  • gets me supper
  • fetches me (and brought me slippers)
  • prepares my breakfast
ice cream yoghurt one with raisins and the other real grapes

on top of the usual hubby chores... LOL

I'm feeling really blissful this hump day. You have a good week ahead!

The Walker Fireside Chats

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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Manna Story

When I like something, I really like it, and really show that I like it.. and my recent like is this Korean restaurant - Manna Story. So much so I patron about 3 times in 2 weeks.

and tabao {take-outs} by Willie honey between those visits, and I miss it if I miss it for a day {pun? pun}. Yes, I'm that hysterical.

beef bulgogi | kimchi jjigae | banchan
This is from our first visit. We're relatively new to Korean so we decided to try some common ones we hear from shows we watch.

Beef bulgogi - grilled marinated beef
This is really good - very sweet - and the serving, as you see, is so generous! We had difficulties finishing.. lol

Kimchi jjigae - kimchi stew with pork ✰✰✰
I'm into this for a while now and I'd say this place serves the best I've had! I like that it's savoury, and I'm thinking it's because it's not instant and everything was in it from the beginning, the only thing I would wish excluded is the pork. Nothing wrong with it - I'm just not so much a pork person.. but I believe it wouldn't be as nice without it.. *torn*

Banchan - side dishes
4 of these comes with almost every main dish or set. I may love kimchi stew but I don't like kimchi, if not hate. I'm not a fan of raw vegetables, marinated or not. I just don't like the taste of that rawness and sometimes greenness. It took me more than 20 years to take salad. There are some that I enjoy though, that ikan bilis one, and a jellyfish I had another visit.

bibim bap
Bibim bap - mixed rice
This is the stone pot version and is more common {I think}, though they do serve in bowls. I like the stone pot one, to ensure all vegetables are cooked, especially the bean sprouts. lol
It's sprinkled with sesame oil so it's really fragrant.

Sundubu jjigae
Sundubu jjigae - soft tofu stew ✰✰✰
This is my new love. Still a little torn.. No pork, yes.. but no other vegs too!

kimchi jeon
Kimchi jeon - kimchi pancake ✰✰
We saw this on every table on our first visit, and decided to have this on our second, and then the next, and the next... This is really da bomb!

We also tried a few other dishes, actually Willie did, I practically order the same dish every-single-time. Yup, that's me.

Like their facebook page and show them at the cashier to get 5% off!
{apparently they have a few different pages, Seoul, PS, Jcube, bla bla, so different staff wanna see different page (◔_◔)}

Manna Story (Plaza Singapura)
68 Orchard Road, #B2-22 Singapore 238839
+65 6238 1245

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Friday, 7 November 2014

5 new from Wish trend

If this sounds like an adv, I was just too excited. I'm not compensated in any ways and clicking on which ever links in this post doesn't bring me any benefit except the joy of my experience shared.
Oh, I do have an invite link that gives both of us USD5 to shop.

I'm totally hooked.

Well, after I tried the bubble peel, I immediately google more about them, follow their youtube, and all.. I even got my friend who recently went to Seoul to get me more! {especially when I see they have a physical store - column in a store to be exact} Unfortunately, they told her bubble peel is going EOL but she didn't fail to get me the nose pack.. ^^

Anyway, I probably gave it 2 minutes before I decided to get the deal on their [Wish, Try, Love], something I see them doing at the end of the month, coming up with solutions to skin issues with products they're carrying.

I thought it's great, shedding light on why some problems never go away because we are not doing the right thing, and sharing alternative tips, what's best is at the end of it, they market the products shown earlier, bundled and very discounted plus international free shipping.

The deal last for just 7 days, and of course I had to get some other precious along with this. I just received the parcel this morning. Here's 5 I'm excited to try, and even more excited to share~!~!

gentle black deep cleansing oil

perfect for my search for makeup remover oil

gentle black sugar charcoal soap

we're so into welcoming this soap we hunted for a soap box and soap dish sponge 'cause we're not soap people.. however i'm excited to try this, especially the brush..

gentle black sugar facial polish

this would be a good alternative to my current expensive microdelivery peel

glacial clay facial mask

i can't wait to try this on willie.. keke

pore corset serum

wow wow wow, if you'll look at the before/after in the clip

Gullible purchaser? I do get that a lot but I'm ready to try anything to better myself; inside or out. ◠◡◠

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