Thursday, 23 October 2014

Bday Blowout Bellabox

It's Bellabox 3rd birthday. Yay~
The delivery is late again. (=.=) Anyway.. this month's goodies are..

Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Moisturizing Cream
This is not even new and I'm not sure if this is a new formula and I've used it before, and... I didn't finish the pot.

It's lightweight since it's a day cream and on application it feels really moisturizing and since it's white but it feels more water base than cream, easily absorbed and doesn't leave a sticky finish. I'm not sure if it's enough for dry skin but it does leave a really good touch. But it's heavily scented. I know, could be the Sakura extract.. but I'm already accustomed to non scented facial products.. I'd use this for days when I wanna feel lighter..

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Push Up Liner

Finally got my hands on this! I'm really loving the mascara and the only reason I did not buy this is because I was shocked by the same product by Maybelline and not in a good way. I feel really sorry for the dollars I gave away for that. So now, I'm gonna give gel liner in a pen a second chance, just because Benefit should be more trust-able. Right? (o☞☜o)

SpectraBAN Sensitive SPF 30
Sunscreen for sensitive skin and many may not know this but not all sun protection products have anti-UVA & UVB action. This has both. It also has anti-aging ingredients I'm totally excited! I LOVE that it's perfume and colorant free! It however says it has a silky feel. I wonder what that means? I'm hoping it's not those slippy silicone layer found in some primers.

From their site:
S$68.00 30 ml
  • Original Crème Simon: Medicinal plant-based preparation honoured within the French Pharmacoepia.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate: Limits water loss by forming a barrier against dehydration.
  • Aloe Vera: A powerful hydrating and antioxidant agent rich in Vitamins C and B3.
  • Shea Butter: A deeply nourishing skin protectant.
Oil-free. Paraben free. Silicone free.
Over 90% natural ingredients

No anti-aging here but the vitamins sound just as great.. It's said that Crème was popularized for its ability to heal acute dryness and skin irritations. This is similar to the DERMAdoctor KP duty cream received last month. My feet are really dry recently so I'm loving any moisturizers I'm getting.

Crème Simon Brightening Detox Gentle Exfoliating Scrub
From their site:
S$68.00 75 ml
"This creamy gentle scrub contains 2 kinds of natural beads to refine and revitalize skin. Specially formulated to be non-drying, it uses baby-safe cleansing ingredients for the most delicate skin." Both products smell great. Parfum yes.. But not too fake and doesn't turn me off (yet), and hopefully not too much irritation since there're "skin irritation", "delicate skin" all over the site, even "baby-safe". But they're really costly.. however~ I was given a code for a 15% off from now till 30 Nov. *wink*

Sleek Makeup Shimmer Glaze
In the colour Iridescence.. I'm not so sure.. I was disappointed with the Kajal eyeliner everyone else was raving about.

Physiogel Cream | Lotion | Cleanser
source source
I've used the cleanser before and I do not love it. It felt like "my skin is so sensitive how about not cleansing it at all". If anybody with skin so delicate to have to use this, I'm sorry. I'm sorry 'cause you won't really get clean! There are increasingly more people around me with different types of eczema, and I heard similar feedback from them about it. But I heard the lotions are more recommendable. Anyway, I have someone in mind to give these to.

Skinbiotics Even+Whiter
I can't believe I receive this! This is really high tech skin care. But I'm not into whitening. =( Plus, I'm not even sure how to measure whether I've gotten any whiter from just 7 days.. *whisper* the pills look a little moldy even though they expires in 2016..

Bellabox Pout Pencil
in Pinky Promise.. A lippie with beewax.. (I don't know why they say that, it's hardly easy to find any without these days) I hope this lasts.. I seldom put on lip colours, the last time I needed them to last, they didn't. Because my lips chap really easily, I had to apply lip balm before that and so the colour just keep sliding and wearing off through out the dinner but it stained those dead skins on the lip which I couldn't exfoliate during dinner (right?) so I couldn't removed it completely and could only glide on more. Tiring and self-conscious night if you ask me.

First, the actual colour does not look like the pictured, and when glide on, it's another. It's pink, yes. But not exactly hot pink..

At least it's not hot pink compared with the Model Co I received last month.. See what I mean? It's just this not so flattering pink, and the first thought was this aunty I knew some years back. Sorry, aunties.

So yup, that's October's bb. I'm gonna go try them out now!

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